Saturday, October 27, 2012

The end of the first quarter is coming!

The quarter ends on Friday, November 2.  Please remember to pay your school fees as soon as possible.  I cannot believe how quickly the first quarter has gone.  Report cards will go home in a few short weeks.  The first report cards will primarily focus on letter naming, letter sound identification, counting, writing numbers, and letter formation.  Please practice these skills regularly at home to support our work in the classroom. 

We had a fun week in room 201.  The students enjoyed Spirit Week--I was impressed with the wacky hairstyles on Wednesday!  Thursday was Picture Day for the "B" class...all of the students looked so adorable!  I cannot wait to see their pictures in the yearbook. 

We are celebrating fabulous fall.  Both classes have made some incredible looking scarecrows.  Many of these are currently decorating our hallways!  The students have gotten many compliments from other grades--they are very artistic.  I am looking forward to more art projects throughout the year. 

The class is starting the third chapter in our math series, which focuses on the numbers 6-10.  They are excited about a new challenge and are already looking forward to the fourth chapter!  I think I have some future mathematicians in class!