Thursday, January 19, 2012


Hello all,
The cold and flu season is here...this means we are using a lot of sanitizer in our classroom. If you would like to donate a bottle of sanitizer for the classroom, it would be greatly appreciated. We are trying to keep all of the children (and grown-ups) healthy. We love to see their smiling faces each day!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

January 15

Hello all! It is hard to believe that we are halfway through January AND halfway through the school year. The quarter ends on Monday 1/23/12. The year is going so quickly and I am enjoying each day with my wonderful kindergarten kiddos! We have been completing our quarterly assessments and I am so impressed with each student's growth since the beginning of the year. They have all been working so hard and I am incredibly proud of each and every student!

This past week we began to focus on comparing weight using a pan balance. We learned that when things are heavy the pan goes down and when things are light the pan goes up. We also studied plot--what happens in a story. The students and I made up a cheer which they enjoyed. The class also studied verbs this week. We asked ourselves, "Can you do it?" If the answer was yes, then it is a verb! The students had a good time demonstrating their knowledge of verbs, as we marched, jumped, hopped, skipped and tiptoed through the classroom!