Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Earth Day is tomorrow!

All week Ms. Case (Muncy) will be focusing on topics related to Earth Day.

The class had a blast on Tuesday. Ms. Case created a "worm bin" with the class. We will be studying our new "pets" and make observations of them using our senses of touch and sight. After creating a class worm bin, the students made their own edible worm homes with pudding, graham crackers, Oreos, and, of course, gummy worms! The day was topped off by creating "worm art"--the students used wet pasta (the worms), instead of brushes, to create some beautiful abstract paintings.

Today Ms. Case discussed garbage and recycling. Ms. Case created a landfill with each class. The morning class named their landfill Mount Brantner and the afternoon named theirs Mount Stinky. In a month, we will unearth the contents of our landfills to investigate what items decomposed and what items did not.

The class also sorted objects into two groups: those that can be recycled and those that cannot. To finish the day, each student was given several items from Rumpke Recycling--a pencil, coloring page, tattoo and trading card. Thanks Rumpke!


On Wednesday, April 14, all of the kindergarten students visited the zoo! We had a great visit and fantastic weather. One of the highlights of the trip was getting to interact with some animals in one of the zoo "classrooms." The zoo volunteers helped us to talk about animals' similarities and differences--a concept we have focused on all year.

I have to give a giant "thank you" to the moms and dads that went with us to chaperone the trip.