Friday, February 10, 2012

Kindergarten Writers

The kindergarten students collaborated to write poems as a class. I am so impressed with their first poems! The students wanted to share them with everyone, so here they are...


by "A" day kindergarten

Sometimes we color
Go to lunch
Go outside for recess
Hugging Miss Stepaniak


by "B" day kindergarten

We learn about animals
We learn about patterns
We learn about panda bears
We learn about books
We learn about shapes
We learn about poems
We learn about giraffes
We know about zebras
We learn about elephants
We read books
We learn together

The students really enjoyed listening to fun poems by a number of wonderful poets, including Jack Prelutsky. I love seeing their excitement about poetry!

Just a quick reminder: please fill out only the "from" portion of your child's Valentine's day cards. Thanks so much!