Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday 9-17-10: What a week!

This has been a wonderful second week of school. The students are learning the school rules quickly and becoming good friends to one another! The morning class did well during our first fire drill and the afternoon class was so respectful of our guest at our first school assembly. Great job boys and girls!

Congratulations to Brooke in the morning class and McKay in the afternoon class. They were our first "Students of the Month."

In math, we developed our matching and sorting skills. The photo at the top is of some of our wonderful students matching with Winnie the Pooh memory. We had an introduction to letters A-E. On Friday we read Please Play Safe and the class helped create a poster for the hallway of ways that we can be Safety Super Stars.

Both classes had art class for the first time this week. Everyone had a great time in art!

This week your child brought home a packet for our school fundraiser. I must share that the wrapping paper is really wonderful! I buy some each year and always get compliments when I give my Christmas gifts to family and friends.

I have to share my favorite quote of the week: one of our afternoon students looked up at me and said, "My mom and dad were right. Kindergarten really is fun!" We are off to a great start and I am looking forward to more wonderful days with this amazing group of kindergarteners.