Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thursday 9-23-10

Hello! We have had an enjoyable, although hot, week. The students did so well with their first guest teacher on Monday. I was in the building administering assessments, and the students were doing a great job each time I stopped by the classroom. I am so proud of them!

This week we developed our sorting skills--there are some super sorters in the class! The students' handwriting skills continue to improve as we meet new letters. We have now had an introduction to letters a-h. Next week we will practice i-m.

Art class is a highlight of their week. I am amazed by how creative they are. The students pictures based on Miro paintings were out of this world! The students are so lucky to have Mrs. Mansfield. She is such an incredible art teacher. I am always excited to see what amazing creations they bring back to our classroom.

This week we also began our reading groups. We use a program called "Read Well." For thirty minutes each day, the students work in small groups learning about letter sounds, sight words, and "smooth blending" sounds to read words. The reading teachers in the morning are: Mrs. C., Miss Jackson, Mrs. Wallace and Miss Stepaniak. The reading teachers in the afternoon are: Mrs. E., Miss Jackson, Mrs. Wallace, Miss Farley and Miss Stepaniak.

Just a reminder: there is no school for students tomorrow. Teachers will be at an in-service. I can't wait to see them again on Monday! Have a fun three-day weekend!