Friday, March 11, 2011

March 11

Hello all! What a wild week of wacky weather! It has certainly made graphing our weather each day a little more interesting.

In math this week, the highlight of the week was "Roll and Record." The students love this activity! The students take turns rolling dice, counting "how many" and recording the data on a graph. We also had the opportunity to practice counting back from 10 to 0 with "Zero the Hero." The kindergarteners had a great time in math this week!

In literacy, we have been emphasizing the middle sounds in words. One of our new activities allows students to identify the correct vowel sound by holding up the appropriate letter card.

We said good-bye to two of our morning students this week. Hopefully we will keep in contact with them and learn about their lives in Arizona.

Reminder: Aronoff Center permission slips and fees were due today. If you need another form, please let me know. Thanks!