Thursday, October 6, 2011

Patterns and Letters and Names, oh my!

Hello all!

It has been another great week in kindergarten. We have been working on patterns in math. This is such a fun skill to practice at home. I recommend taking most any kids' cereal (Froot Loops, Lucky Charms) and using them to make patterns (by color or shape of those yummy marshmallows). When they have finished practicing patterns...instant snack time! Leggos, crayons, and building blocks are also great for pattern practice.

The students have met all of the letters from A-Z now. We are focusing on naming the letters, writing the letters, and practicing their sounds. Next week, the students will bring home a letter practice book for their homework. This will be theirs to keep so that you can practice whenever you have time. By the end of the third quarter, students are expected to be able to read, write, and identify the sounds of all 26 letters. These skills would be excellent to practice on their "off days."

We are also practicing writing our first names in class. The students will be asked to do this without looking at a model at the end of October. Please keep in mind, the students need to use a capital letter at the start of their name and lowercase letters for the rest. We have been discussing this a great deal. As I tell the students, their names are special becuase they are special! That is why their names begin with a capital letter.

Enjoy this beautiful weather!