Wednesday, December 14, 2011

December happenings...

Oh, there is simple too much to share! What a wonderful December we've had in kindergarten...

We are having so much fun in math! The students built shapes out of marshmallows and pretzels. In our discussion of 3-D shapes, we enjoyed eating ice cream cones (cones) filled with mini-marshmallows (cylinders). The class agreed that math is mighty tasty! We are practicing counting and writing numbers from 1-20 each day to prepare for our end-of-quarter test in January. Also in math, we are learning fun songs and games to count back from 5-0. Five Little Gingerbread Men and Zero the Hero are two of the students' favorites.

In literacy, we have been focusing a great deal on sequencing, and determining the difference between fantasy and realism. The students are doing well with these skills--I am so proud of them! While studying hibernation, the students discovered two new activities that they cannot get enough of..."Wake Up Sleepy Bear" is a game in which one child "hibernates" and has to guess which classmate woke them up and "Bear is Sleeping" has become their favorite song! In fact, we performed the song for Miss Lynne's preschool class this week. The kindergarten performance was a hit! They did a terrific job. Mr. Mack joined us for one performance and he was so impressed with all of the boys and girls!

Next week we will have our holiday parties. Please fill out the form that was sent home this week if you would like to help.